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People shouting, dogs that bark;

Owls that hoot out in the dark.

   Paper rustling, bells that ring;

   Ducks who quack and birds that sing.


Sheep bleat loudly, cows say "moo"

And don't forget "cuckoo, cuckoo".

   The ripple of a mountain stream;

   People whisper and they scream.


The piglets grunt whilst horses "neigh"

And cockerels crow at break of day.

   The bellowing bull and purring cat.

   The sound of humans as they chat.


The cry of gulls and buzz of bees;

Sounds which hurt and those that please.

   Some things we wouldn't want to hear

   Whilst others please the human ear.


Our brains are fed the sounds we hear

Which first are captured by our ears.

    Which are the sounds I may have missed?

    Well, write them down upon your list.


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Names for Sounds We Hear


By Josie Whitehead

The Sounds of Life A World Full of Noise - Heading

Follow-Up:  Write down the names we give to sounds we hear from the poem.  Then go through them again and see if you can write next to it the name of the thing which relates to it, eg:  rustle - paper  Josie

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