High up in a tree in the North of Peru

Sits a strange little man called Woggaldy-Woo.

    He’s lots of good friends who live in the trees

    And now I will tell you about two of these.


His very best friend is a two toed sloth.

There’s one little bed that’s shared by both.

     Whilst Woggaldy-Woo sleeps in the night

     Sloth sleeps in the day - so that is all right.


There’s another good friend of Woggaldy-Woo

For a monkey called Bertie lives with them too.

     With long supple limbs he leaps through the trees

      And his very long tail helps him travel with ease.


Whilst Bertie’s quite active, Sloth’s often tired.

Bertie plays games, but Sloth’s not inspired

    For he slumbers all day for hours and hours

    Snoring through sunshine and tropical showers.


Perhaps you would like to meet Woggaldy-Woo

But it’s such a long way to go to Peru.

     Well it’s better, I think, if he just remains here

     And you'll know where he is for he won’t disappear!


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By Josie Whitehead

Both of my Woggaldy-Woo poems were published in 2010 in my book of Funny Poems by AMS Educational Ltd.  Both poems were very popular with the children for whom I wrote them and lots of others, and also Mickledy-Me.  Whereas Mickledy-Me is rather naughty, the Woggaldy-Woo just likes his happy but quiet life, hidden away, in the rain forest of Peru.  Watch out for him when you are there, but I doubt that you'll see him.  Josie

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