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If Granny was a biscuit

    And Granddad was a cake;

If Mummy was a lollipop

    And Dad a nice milkshake –


If my sister was a toffee

   And my brother was a bun;

Why, when I felt quite hungry

     Then I’d eat them every one.


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By Josie Whitehead

When I'm Hungry

Footnote:  The strangest thing in life is trying to understand what people really like and what they like less, but with this poem I have no doubt that children love it, and yet it is very simple.  I picked up my grandchildren, years ago, from school and they were coming to stay for the weekend.  They were 4 and 6 years of age.  You know that children are always hungry at that time of the day.  I sat at my steering wheel and tried to explain that, although they said several times: "I'm hungry Granny," that I couldn't feed them there.  In the end I quickly made up this poem and they screamed with laughter.  Daniel proclaimed that it was the best poem he'd ever heard (aged 4) and so I had to believe it.  Another popular poem is "Peas Please".  Josie

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