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The sound of the wind as it brushes the trees;

The screaming of sea birds that sweep over seas;

    The sound of sweet music that's lifting my soul

    And at times of distress I hear words that console.



Do you listen to cries of the poor or the old?

Or the calls of the homeless from streets in the cold?

    Are these sounds blocked out by the hum of the city

    As you turn a blind eye to those who need pity?



To what do you listen? Is it the same as you hear?

Does it bring you some happiness or does it bring fear?

    You're bound to hear things which will make you feel sad,

    But hear also those things which will help you feel glad.


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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Hearing and Understanding:  You can well hear something but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will understand it.  As a teacher I knew that I had to explain things carefully, linking what I was saying, where possible, to what I'd already taught.  At the end of the lesson I gave time for questions and also had feedback on what I'd taught by a simple quiz.  Then again you may hear something but if you are not interested in the subject it can fall on "deaf ears" (ie ears that are not interested in absorbing what is said.)  ie "It's time for bed" or "Turn off that television/computer" etc.  Your brain interprets what you hear and builds on what you already know.  What things that you hear make you feel happy and what makes you feel sad?  Discuss at your table or in your class.  Josie

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