Anti-Bullying Poems

She wears a smile upon her face

    For all the world to see,

But this is not the face I know –

    The one that’s meant for me.


The words she speaks are caring words

     When she wants the world to hear.

Her victim does not hear these words

    But her brutish words are clear.


This heartless individual

    Hides deep beneath her veil.

With malice she will strike her prey;

     And with hateful words assail.


The weapons that she uses best

     Are not the knife or gun.

There are many other things that kill,

     Which bring this person fun.


Isolation is her powerful tool   –

    And she uses this with guile –

For humans want to feel they’re loved

    To make their lives worthwhile.


With deft and stealth her cruelty works

     As her victim knows full well –

And although her smile’s seen by the world,

      Cruel demons in her dwell.


Copyright on all my poems




By Josie Whitehead

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