Story Poems 2 Magical & Mystical Poems

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Wizard of Oz

    But not of the Wizard of Fleetly.

The reason you haven’t is simply because

    He suddenly vanished completely.


He felt he was stupid - his spells didn’t work -

   Yet he wanted so much to do well.

'I need to do something if I’m to succeed,

     And must try just another new spell.'


'I’d like to invent something good,' he declared:

    “An animal enchanting and new.”

So he studied his books, collected his things

    And into a cauldron he threw:-


First the tail of a lion, then the head of a horse,

   Cloven hoofs and a billy goat’s beard.

He wanted a beast with one spiralling horn

    Yet one that would never be feared.


He stood over the pot and uttered these words:

     'Cadabbra capilly crateered.'

Steam rose from the cauldron and to his surprise

     A unicorn quickly appeared.


This mysterious beast was nervous and shy;

     At the mere thought of humans, it shook.

'I don’t want to live like the other wild beasts

      But just to appear in a book.'


The wizard replied: 'Are you really quite '

     'Oh yes.  This is what I insist!'  

In your quest for unicorns, surely you’ll find

    It’s in books that they only exist.


Copyright on all my poems



Only a quarter of the poems you see on my five websites were written in 2010, of course.  I love writing poetry for children and have just finished yet another poem.  However, the quarter of the poems I've now written, which numbered 400, were nearly all published in 2010 by AMS Educational.  Teachers and children across my region of West Yorkshire chose these poems and this poem was included in the list.  I hope you enjoy it.  I was awarded the title "Inspirational Online Children's Poet" by children in 133 countries, in 2007.  I don't enter competitions, so this was a nice surprise for me.  Thanks Ilexi Patel.  Josie





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