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What lies under your finger?  Reach down and feel.

Oh, it's round and it's soft, like a fruit's outer peel.

   This is slippery and slimy.  It's long and it squirms.

   So if it's all of those things, it could well be a worm.


What lies under your finger?  Is it large or quite small?

Is it round, do you think, and the shape of a ball?

   It could be quite soft and the shape of a pear.

   No, none of these things – it's hard and it's square.


Is it hot?  Is it cold?  Is it squishy, or sticky?

No, it's soft and it's silky.  Oh this one's quite tricky.

   I think that it's curly but I'll feel it with care

   For I think that I'm touching somebody's hair.


Is it wet?  No, it's dry and as soft as a feather.

Is it hard, is it hairy, or perhaps feels like leather?

   Does it cause you to itch?  Does its sharpness cause pain?

   What you feel with your finger transmits to your brain.


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Follow-up: Working with a partner, find nouns (names) of things which go with the following words:  hot; cold; soft; rough; wet; hard; sticky; greasy; crunchy; runny;


Then choose some descriptive words (adjectives) of your own and write a noun by it.


Think of some things in your home and describe how they feel.  When you have a baby in your home, or toddler, they have yet to learn which things they shouldn't touch because they are dangerous, so we have to put these up out of their reach.  Josie





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By Josie Whitehead

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