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Horace Hare bored his friends with his bragging:

    'I can surely outrun all of you!'

Whilst most of them muttered and tutted,

    Torty Tortoise said: 'Here’s what we’ll do.'


He turned to the hare, feeling angry:

    'Your boasting is such a disgrace

And, to prove that you are not the fastest,

  Tomorrow, could we have a race?'


The race was arranged for the morning.

   Horace Hare laughed aloud at the thought.

At the starting line both of them waited

   And neither one seemed overwrought.


The green starting flag came down sharply,

    But Horace felt sad for his friend,

And he watched, as he ambled off slowly,

   But grinned when he went round the bend.


'I can’t make a fool of old Torty.

   I’ll give him a five minute start,'

So he shut up his eyes for five minutes

    And off into sleep did depart.


Away ambled Torty, quite slowly,

    And he sauntered along on the track.

Think about racing?  Not likely!

    So he stopped on the way for a snack.


Horace Hare slept on in the sunshine,

    Enjoying his comfortable doze,

Whilst Torty just plodded on slowly

    At the leisurely pace that he chose.


Mid-day and the church clock was chiming,

    And the noise woke the hare from his sleep.

He stretched himself out in the sunshine,

    And through his eyes started to peep.


So, where was that dawdling old tortoise?

    'I’ll soon overtake that old fool!

I’ll spring up behind him quite lively,

   And I’ll finish that race looking cool.'


But Torty had gone out of sight now,

    So Horace soon shot down the track.

The tortoise had rambled quite slowly,

    And, unheeding, had never looked back.


Horace Hare sped along very swiftly,

    Imagining how he would boast,

But who do you think was there waiting

    Ahead at the field’s winning post?


Torty Tortoise had finished his journey,

    And watched as the hare reached the line.

With a smile on his face, he soon told him:

    'Go slow and you’ll win the next time!'


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Adapted to poems by Josie Whitehead

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I've had many a long job which seems to stretch to eternity lying before me.  Have you?  You can put it off and put it off again, but if you just make a start and perhaps do a little each day, you will finish it eventually and even be pleased with yourself for having done it.  Learning how to make a website and then making the five that I've done for you, was surely the longest job in the world, but I know that my poems bring pleasure to lots of children worldwide, so it was worth it.  How about you?  What long task have you started?  Learning to read and write must surely be one of your long tasks?  Josie