By Josie Whitehead

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A lady went around last week:

    'Collecting tastes,' she said:

She seized the taste of marmalade

    And the doughy taste of bread.


She also pilfered fruity tastes -

     The bitter and the sweet;

The salty and the spicy tastes

    And the savoury taste of meat.


The zesty taste of oranges,

      The minty tastes as well -

The fishy tastes and cheesy tastes

      And, . . . . Oh no! - not caramel!


She’s stolen many other things -

    Too many here to list -

But other than the things from me,

    She grabbed things you’ll have missed:


That creamy taste of chocolate, mmm -

     That’s gone I am quite sure -

But crispy crisps?  They’re flavourless

    And let me think what more.


Now burgers are unsavoury

    And sausages as well.

She snatched their tastes, but guess what else . . . .

    She also grabbed their smell!!!


And pizza?  It’s distasteful now -

    I hope you will not mind.

And deep fried chips? Quite yucky now -

    Well, this is what you’ll find.


Although the tastes have left these foods,

    She’s left you quite a few -

And salads, fruit and vegetables

    Are all good tastes for you.



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Heading Talking Taste The Smell Snatcher

This poem is SO popular with the teachers on The Times Educational Supplement's resources where I put it recently.  (1031 downloads to date).  I hope it will be just as popular with you and your children.  I hope you all enjoy the good salads, fruit and vegetables that the Taste-Taker has left for you.  They are so good for you - and for me!  Josie