The sun and wind both argued:

    Which was the stronger one?

They both decided to find out,

    Whilst also having fun.


'You see the traveller on that road?'

     Exclaimed the smiling sun.

I’ll quickly prove to you that I

    Am much the stronger one."


'Oh rubbish!' said the mighty wind.

    'I’ll show you that’s not true.

The one who gets his jacket off

    Is the stronger of us two.'


The sun agreed and said: 'You start.

    Go, blow with all your might,'

But as the wind blew on the man,

    He did his coat up tight.


The traveller fought the blustery wind

     With all his might and main.

The wind blew stronger with some force,

      But did so quite in vain.


The sun said: 'Now see what you’ve done!

    Your strength has failed, you see.

My quiet persuasion’s what works best.

   Be still and learn from me.'


The sun’s bright face came on the scene.

    Her smile was warm and sweet,

And she shone upon the walking man

    Who loved her gentle heat.


He soon undid the coat he wore -

    And then removed it too.

So the sun said to the powerful wind:

    'There’s a lesson here for you.'


'Aggressiveness will never work:

    It causes fear and dread:

If you require human support,

    Try tolerance instead.'


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By Josie Whitehead

Sun and the Wind (The) - Heading

TALKING POINT: Hmmm!  Look at our world.  There are some countries that, instead of working willingly and happily with the rest of the world, show their strength by parading their military weapons and by repressing their people.  Do you think that makes the rest of the world respect them - - - or not?  Some men are like this with their wives.  Does their masculine strength shown against their wives make them more or less loved in the face of other people and are they, therefore, happIier in life?  The world hasn't changed since this fable was written.  Josie

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