Belinda's Tearooms

Brian the Lion 

Chemistry Lesson (The) 

Coloured Umbrella (The)

Come, Read Me a Poem


Daddy's Magic Umbrella 

Delivery Man (The)

Do You Want to be a Pirate, Boy?


First Class All the Way

Forgive Me, Mum 

Goldilocks and the Three Pigs 

Granddad's Toupee

Gran's Cuckoo Clock

Great Ragando (The)

Greedy Bookworm (The)

Horse with the Wooden Heart (The)

Hop It, McHoppit



Lady Sun and Lady Moon 

Loach the Roach 

Mr Minute

My Giggle Escaped

My Three Little Aliens 

Netting a Leprechaun

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Pink Shoes for Miss Bell

Plastic Surgery Hippo Style

Poetry Book (The)

Poor Poor Fuffi

Poppy or the Rose (The)

Rain Fairies (The)

Real Story of Goldilocks Part 1

Real Story of Goldilocks Part 2

True Story of Green Riding Hood (The)

Truth About Unicorns (The

Witch Called Mabel (The) 


Heading Story Poems 1 Story Poems 3

Story Poems  2

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Your children and their parents will be SO grateful if you tell them simply to Google JOSIE'S POEMS (write it on their English book).  I made these websites especially at the insistence of children in my local primary school.  It was indeed made for children and is completely child-safe.  Direct them also to the listening page because children love to hear poems when they go to bed.

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