A man went round, from door to door:

    'I’m collecting smells,' he said.

He hunted high; he hunted low -

    And underneath my bed.


My kitchen held delicious smells.

    Oh yes, he found a lot:

The aroma of my casserole

    Came from my cooking pot.


Yes, 'savoury' was the word I’d use:

    I’m sure you know this smell,

But 'appetizing', 'mouth-watering'

    Are words that you’ll know well.


He grabbed this smell immediately

    And in his bag it went,

And from my bedroom - oh please no!

    He stole my smell of scent.


Well 'perfume' is the name I’d use -

    A word that goes with 'scent' -

And 'perfume' has to be the word,

    Considering what I’d spent.


Then from the bathroom came a smell -

    An odour you’ll know too.

Now who’d been there much earlier,

    But didn’t flush the loo? - - - -  


            (My friend's son, I think!!!)


I’m glad that 'stink' has left our house.

    It’s gone - I hope to stay!

I’ll now replace that dreadful 'stench'

     With lightly perfumed spray.


Oh no, he’s taken this as well -

    He’s nothing but a thief,

But thankfully he’s gone at last

    To cause my neighbour grief.



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