Reflective Poems

No one will cry when I’ve left this earth

   And no one will tend my grave.

No loving thoughts by family or friends,

    For I’ve lived my life as a slave.


Torn from my home at a tender young age

    And promised good times ahead:

Smiles, kind words and presents from all

    But now I wish I was dead.


Beatings and burnings, long hours of toil;

    Scorching hot irons that brand.

Chains and whips, windows with bars;

     Working at others’ commands.


'You mustn’t shed tears for family and friends

      Or we’ll lock you up on your own.'

For me, no soft pillow for my little head,

     In a world very far from my home.


So don’t cry for me when I leave this earth

     For death will be better than this

And I’ll soon be replaced by another small child

      Sent off with a hug and a kiss.


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Man's Inhumanity to Man Skype Visits

By Josie Whitehead

Slavery - Heading

I'm horrified to think that in this modern age, and especially in a democratic, free country like the UK, slavery still exists.  It must be one of the most horrific things.


This poem, with its important message, was also appreciated by teachers in West Yorkshire, who chose it, along with almost 400  poems for publication in 2010.  Josie

Slavery in the UK