'Woof,' said the scruffy dog -

    And 'squeak,. said the mouse

'Rattle,' said our big back door

    As the wind blew round the house.


'Oink,' said the mother pig;

    'Moo,' said the cow;

'Neigh,' called the big brown horse -

    And the cat just said: 'meow.'


'Tick tock,' said the kitchen clock,

    The baby said: 'goo goo,'

The cockerel greets us every morn

    With a 'cock-a-doodle-doo.'


'Baa,' called the woolly sheep;

    The donkey said: 'ee-aw.'

'Ring,' said the telephone,

    But Dad preferred to snore.


'Bang,' said the firework,

    'Ripple,' said the stream -

'Day dreaming again!' said Mum

    And woke me from my dream.



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What Can You Hear - Heading

Some of my poems go onto the Times Educational Teachers' Resources Website, and this poem has been a top performing poem since it has been on this website.  I hope your children enjoy it also.


It will help them to understand the difficult word "onomatopoeia".  Get them to tell you some words which represent sounds, eg "bang, sizzle, cuckoo, boom, tip tap (of my keys on the keyboard), clap, click, clang, cluck, slurp, screech" and a million more.

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