What can you feel? Is it hot? Perhaps cold?

Is it wet, is it soft, or hard metal, like gold?

     Is it wet like the water that comes from the tap?

     'No, it's hard and it hurts!  You gave me a slap.'

Your skin contains nerves, which help you to feel

And it holds you together, a bit like fruit peel.

     Top skin cells are dead, but deep down below,

     Your dermis lives here.  Did you already know?

Your skin is kept soft from the oil in your glands.

Am I correct?  Well then, just feel your hands.

     It's little blood cells that look after your skin

     They live in your dermis quite deep down within.

As well as the blood cells, you've hundreds of nerves.

They never stop working and it's you that they serve.

     They convey to your brain all that which you feel.

     Some things are pleasant - some cause you to squeal.

You must protect babies who yet have to learn

Which things are safe, and which things will burn.

      Our poor little brains have to take in so much,

      But one thing that helps is our good sense of touch.

Illustrated by Nicole Geast

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By Josie Whitehead


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