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I know a friendly scarecrow

    Who loves to dance to rap.

He wears a baggy jacket

   And a flippy floppy cap.


You’d never guess a scarecrow

   Could dance to rap like he,

But when I go to see him,

   How he loves to dance with me!


Now hear the music playing?

    Oooh!  Here we go at last.

Let’s clap our hands, kick our feet

    And whirl around so fast.


The birds soon get excited,

   For they also like some fun,

And three tiny mice have joined us

    As we dance out in the sun.


Others hear our music now

  And soon we have a crowd.

There’s a pattering of feet

    And our music’s rather loud.


So get your fingers clicking!

    See we’re doing really great!

But I glance down at my watch

    And I see it’s getting late.


Well I’m very sad to say though

    That the music's reached its end,

And it’s hard to say goodbye

     To my special scarecrow friend.


So I brush myself down quickly

    And “Is my hat on straight?” –

“Oh - let’s meet again tomorrow night

    At twenty five to eight!”


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By Josie Whitehead

Scarecrow Rap (The) - Heading

Rap - What do I mean by this in my poem?  Rap is a vocal technique that emphasizes rhyme, rhythm, and individual expression - but, I mean that all of this is incorporated into the strong beat of the music they dance to.


Well, I do like dancing and I grew up having ballet and tap dancing lessons.  Now, in my "old age" I love to go to country dancing every week, when my ankles are up to it!  They say dancing is good for us all, so do meet up with a local scarecrow, if necessary, and have a good time.  This popular poem was chosen by teachers and children and, with almost 400 other poems, was published in 2010, although the books are no longer available except via the library.  This is a wonderful performance poem and I'd love to be skyped into your class to see your children perform it.  Josie