The classroom clock said ten past ten.   The children all worked hard.

A shadow passed their window pane and a girl ran through the yard.

    The classroom door began to move  as someone came inside,

    'It’s Goldilocks.  She’s late again!' - and all the children sighed.


Now what excuse has she today  for getting here so late?

She missed the bus?  The car broke down?  They smiled, but had to wait.

    What story do you think that she then told her teacher next?

    'You’re late again!  What’s happened now?  Come girl, don’t look perplexed.'


'You know the woods, behind the school?   I walked to school that way

And there I saw the sort of house  you don’t see every day.

   'It seemed to call me through the gate and up to the front door

  And when I found it wasn’t locked, I wanted to see more.


'I only went to look around, and no one was in sight.

A table seemed to have been set upon a cloth of white.

    'I noticed that there were three stools and porridge in three bowls,

     And all I’d had at breakfast-time was just a buttered roll.


'The porridge had been freshly made.  It’s smell was so divine – mmmm!

The thought of breakfast in that house – it suited me just fine!

    'So I ate the porridge in the bowl, which had been well-prepared.

    One stool I broke, I’m sad to say - but that can be repaired.


'I know I should have come to school, but what I did instead,

Was to go upstairs and, feeling tired, I slept upon a bed.

    I woke with such a dreadful start by some ferocious bears.

    I didn’t wait, but at great speed,  I scampered down the stairs.


'Out into the woods I ran as fast as fast could be.

Well, surely you would understand if you were only me!

    I heard the bears running behind and I increased my speed.

    It's amazing just how fast you'll run when there's a pressing need!'


The children now were laughing loud, and Goldilocks was too,

For she was good at telling tales, and none of them were true.

    The teacher said: 'You wicked girl.   Do you think I'm a fool?

    The work you’ve missed, you still will do, by staying after school.'


NOW . . . . .

So, what was YOUR best excuse for being late for school.  This isn't the

end of Goldilock's story and you must read on.

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By Josie Whitehead

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