A prince searched the world for a real princess -

And not just a girl who could sport a posh dress,

    But a girl who had breeding - a girl who had style.

    No-one could win him with nought but a smile.


He met flirty misses and those who threw kisses,

And thousands who fancied themselves as his Mrs.

     He met all the fat ones, the thin, tall and short:

     The ones who were lazy and those who liked sport.


He travelled the world and searched high and low

But many he met were all make-up and show.

     They lacked the one trait that the Prince really sought

     And he travelled back home feeling dismal and fraught.


One evening the wind blew and rattled the pane

And threatening black clouds arrived bearing rain.

   Then the rumble of thunder came boomety boom

    And lightning soon followed to brighten the gloom.


The next sound they heard was the patter of rain

And then thunder and lightning, again and again!

    Rain beat with a vengeance on village and town

    And pattering and splattering in torrents came down.


The queen and her son heard a knock on their door

But through the noise of the storm, they couldn’t be sure,

   But, on opening the door, they had a surprise -

   For a very sad picture there met their eyes.


A girl stood before them in a terrible state:

She was soaked to the skin and the evening was late.

    She was cold, she was hungry and needed a bed

    And here, she was sure, she could rest and be fed.


She told the two royals that she was a princess.

This was hard to believe from the state of her dress!

    Her majesty planned to check out what she’d said

    And sent up her servants to make the girl’s bed.

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The Princess and the Pea


Adapted from a tale by Hans Christian Andersen

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