A huge oak tree, so proud and strong,

      Said to some swaying reeds:

“My strength will see me through all storms.

      I have no other needs.”


The reeds were dancing in the wind,

    With roots deep in the stream:

“You may be big, you may be strong,

   But we’re stronger than we seem.”


That night a storm attacked them all.

    And how that wind did scream!

It uprooted the huge strong oak tree

    Which fell down in the stream.


The reeds said quietly to the tree:

    “There’s  something we all knew.

There may be strength in size and weight,

      But in grace and litheness too.”



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By Josie Whitehead

Pride Comes Before a Fall - Heading

I believe that to have no pride in what you do in life is also a crime.  Telling others, all the time, that you are the best perhaps is not.  This will make a good discussion for your class.