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A rose and poppy talked about

    Which flower was loved the best.

The rose explained:  “It’s surely me.

    I’m better than the rest.”


"Which flowers do lovers give as gifts,

    The poppy or the rose?

It’s roses that they buy for love,

    As everybody knows.”


The poppy thought about this fact

    And sadly had to sigh.

She conceded this was all too true -

    A fact which made her to cry


Her sister poppies all agreed:

    “The rose is best of all.

Our petals were not made to last

    And very quickly fall.”


A painter came into their field.

    “I’m Monet” is what he said.

“I want to paint a stunning scene

    With poppies proud and red.”

“The beauty of your crimson flowers

    Has really touched my heart,

And people will remember you

    Each time they see my art.”


Today the poppies lift their heads -

    You’ll never hear them cry,

And in Monet’s lovely painting

    They’ll never ever die.


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By Josie Whitehead

Poppy or the Rose (The) - Heading

Follow up:  Why are roses more popular as cut flowers than poppies?