By Josie Whitehead

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Paint for me springtime with blossom on trees –

Paint for me coolness and soft gentle breeze.

    Paint me spring flowers - pretty and bright -

    And paint me a scene that’s lit by sunlight.


Paint me the winter - the frost and the snow -

Where only the tiny white snowdrops may show.

      Paint me dark clouds and a wind that blows strong

      When all that we hear is the small robin's song.        


Paint for me summer with colours that blaze –

And green verdant pastures where animals graze.

    Paint sweet scented roses, lilies, sweet peas:

     Flowers in your picture will certainly please.


Paint for me people – the young and the old:

Those in hot deserts and those in the cold.

    Paint children, of course, as they happily play.

     Paint sandcastles, waves and boats in the bay.


Paint animals too - both the large and the small:

The squeaking small mice and giraffes which are tall;

     Don’t forget pets - oh no, don’t forget these

     For our pets in our pictures most certainly please.


Paint me a picture - it’s good for you too -

And each day I see it, I’ll think about you.

     Paint pleasure and paint all your troubles away

     And sit and relax on your trouble-free day.


Copyright on all my poems

Follow Up: Painting is, I believe, good for your health.  In fact I believe that taking up any creative interest is good for you and by putting all your attention into what you are creating helps to take your worries away and is soothing.  Painting is not something that I can do.  I only wish it was.  If you're a good artist and would like to create a picture to go with one of my poems, or take a nice photograph or even make an animation, let me know.  I'd welcome it.  As for myself, creating poems for children certainly helped me at a time in my life when I felt very low.  It is a long story but you can read about it in my introduction. Josie