Reflective Poems

Man’s like a boat on the ocean of life,

That’s tossed by winds in tempests and strife.

    He seeks a safe refuge, a harbour of love,

    But watches dark clouds as they hover above.


Man’s like a boat that is tossed on the sea,

That’s straining and thrusting but not always free.

    The horizon’s before him, waves beat on his hull,

    Whilst from high overhead comes the cry of a gull.


Your line of horizon – what hopes does it hold? -

What successes or failures will the future unfold?

    Man’s like a boat that is tossed on the sea,

    But unlike a boat makes his own destiny.


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Discuss:  Are we entirely the masters of our own destiny?  Can you succeed in life wherever you are in this world, or are some people more privileged than others if they  are born in a country such as I live, ie the UK?  Surely democracy and a good education helps one through life?  What else does?  Josie

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By Josie Whitehead