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An acorn fell down to the ground

    And left its mother tree,

But this was not the end for him,

    As you will quickly see.


A squirrel, searching for some nuts,

    Soon saw the acorn there.

He carried it in his small mouth

    And buried it with care.


He knew in winter there’s no food,

    But he’d return again,

And with his acorn buried now

    He ran off down the lane.    


The acorn slept through winter’s months

    Safe in the snowy ground,

For the squirrel had forgotten it

    With all the nuts he’d found.


The spring arrived with sunny days

    And grey skies turned to blue,

And from the acorn in the soil,

    A tiny sapling grew.


Quite undisturbed it slowly grew

    And then became a tree.

The seasons seemed to come and go

    As quickly as could be.


An oak tree now lived in our world -

    A tree both tall and strong -

And birds now nested in this oak

    And sang their cheerful song.


The squirrel who had stored the nut

    Had died some years before,

But, thanks to his one tiny deed,

    An oak tree grew for sure.


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