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Calling people hateful names?

   It’s something we don’t do.

Kindness, love, human respect

    Is preferred by me and you.


Calling people hateful names

   Designed to cause distress?

The ones who do these awful things

    Need others to impress.


Without support from other folk

   There’s nothing they can gain,

And left, without support around,

    Their words are called in vain.


For bullies - yes that’s what they are -

    Need others for support

And name calling, designed to hurt,

     To them is just a sport.


Ignore the ones who do these things.

   Make friends with those that care -

And soon their games will disappear

    Like sunbeams in the air.


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By Josie Whitehead

TALKING POINT:  If  name calling becomes persistent and regular, then this is bullying. It is equally about how you feel when it happens to you, too.  If it makes you uncomfortable and you have told them to stop but they are still name calling, then this is what we call verbal bullying.  Do NOT support a bully by joining in their cruel game.  It isn't clever to make another person unhappy but you will make a friend for life by being kind to other people.  This is better than any gift you can be given.  Josie