There’s an island in the ocean

    Where you’ll meet some little men -

And I know just where you’ll meet them -

    In a green and hidden glen.


So grab your coat and follow me.

    I’ll take you to the place.

Be prepared to be surprised though

    When you see a bearded face.


They’re mischievous little creatures -

    Well, that’s what I’ve been told,

But we could play a trick on them:

    When they’re busy counting gold.


We’ll take along this fishing net

   And capture them inside:

Oh, we’re not the only people who

    For certain will have tried.


They will struggle to escape the net,

    And I’m sure they’ll not succeed,

But those who’ve caught them tell me that

  They know just how to plead.


They’ll offer you three wishes

     So consider what you’d like:

Perhaps some brand new trainers,

    Or a powerful mountain bike?


Oh - capturing poor leprechauns?

  No, it’s really rather cruel,

So it’s best to only think of this

  And read my poem at school.


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