My arrival is accompanied by the overture of thunder

And by the brightness and lucidity of streaking lightning.

I bring coolness and balm to all living things.


I gently kiss the petals of the rose, drop wet pearls on lilies

And leave the webs of spiders, shimmering in the light.

I bring life-giving refreshment to all that lives.


I dance down the hillsides, bring streamlets to life

And, with joyous rapture, I leap into fast flowing rivers –

Carrying along essential elements for living things.


I flow into taps to both refresh people with good water

And to bathe them in my entirety and sweetness –

Carrying my coolness, balm, refreshment to all.


My farewell is applauded by the blackbird's song.

The sunshine returns to warm the damp earth

And the colourful rainbow celebrates in its freshness.


     I am, of course, the wellspring of life and Nature’s gift –


                                                           W A T E R  

Copyright on all my poems

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By Josie Whitehead



There is a lot of figurative language used in my poem.  Do you know the difference between literal and figurative language?


What words indicate personification in my writing?  Write down the phrases.  Josie

Figurative and Literal Language Secondary Schools