Our clock Story Poems 2

Mr Minute’s so reliable

    So prompt’s his middle name.

His life’s conducted by the clock

    Which really is a shame.


He dashes here and rushes there

    With no time to stop or stare.

Oh!  Poor old Mr Minute has

    So little time to spare.


You’ll never see him sleeping

    And he never potters round.

He’s exactly like a clock in fact -

    A clock that’s over wound!


So does he do the normal things,

    Like wash or change his socks?

No, perhaps you have already guessed,

    He lives inside our clock.


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DISCUSSION:  Does 'Mr Minute' conduct your life?  Usually he does.  You have to be at school at this time, have your lunch at another time and perhaps after school you have activities which are conducted by the clock.  Discuss this - and is it a good thing?


This poem, with its strong iambic beat, was chosen by teachers and children in many schools to be published in 2010 along with hundreds of other poems.  I hope you like it and perhaps you'll see what a good performance poem it is.  I'd love to visit your school and see you perform it.  Skype Visits   Mr Minute lives in our house and you can see his picture above.  He lived in my parents' home too, so I've known him a long time.  


For KS1 and KS2 Children


By Josie Whitehead