Our clock Story Poems 2

Mr Minute’s so reliable.

    Prompt’s his middle name.

His life’s conducted by the clock

    Which really is a shame.


He dashes here and rushes there

    With no time to stop or stare.

Oh!  Poor old Mr Minute has

    So little time to spare.


You’ll never see him idle and

    He never potters round.

He’s exactly like a clock in fact -

    A clock that’s over wound!


So does he do the normal things,

    Like wash or change his socks?

No, perhaps you have already guessed,

    He lives inside our clock.


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DISCUSSION:  Mr Minute, in fact, dashes here and dashes there in the lives of many people, and I expect that he does this in your life too.  We do need days in our lives when Mr Minute doesn't tell us what to do.  I have been a teacher all my life.  My days were divided by the hours and my evenings too because I taught evening classes.  I had to be at this room at this time and that room at another time - at this college at this time and somewhere else at another time.  Then, as a mother, a daughter and a wife I had to do things which fitted in with other people's lives.  Today I am "retired" although I work hard at your poems, but if I just wanted to sit in the garden and watch the flowers, the bees and butterflies, not to mention ducklings round my feet, I could.  With Mr Minute out of my life, oh how lovely.  What do you do when he is out of your lives?  This could lead to an interesting discussion.


The above clock has been in my life since the day of my birth.  It had just struck 10 am when I was born.  It was my parents' wedding present and is in my house now.  "Mr Minute" was chosen for publication in 2010 - one of almost 400 poems.  Josie


For KS1 and KS2 Children


By Josie Whitehead

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