Reflective Poems

Move forward in life, away from the past,

    And watch it recede from your view.

Get on with today - see your future at last.

     It’s that which you need to pursue.


Yesterday’s gone, but today is right here,

    So seize both the good and the new.

Dismiss all that anger, malice and fear.

    There’s a new day that’s starting for you.


Achieve what you want in a positive way;

    Don’t stay in your own prison cell.

Your life is important -  yes each precious day.

    Help yourself to feel happy and well.


It’s now that’s important, tomorrow as well.

    So don’t let the past hold you back.

You don’t need to run, just bid it farewell

    And your life soon will get back on track.


Copyright on all my poems




By Josie Whitehead

Skype Visits Move on From the Past - Heading

It is, indeed, difficult to move away from a situation which perhaps you feel has ruined your life - or removed the happiness you once had.  If at all possible, do move away from this, as by dwelling constantly on it, you will become badly depressed and this will do a lot of damage to your happiness and health.  This poem is a subject worth discussing, and by reading my other two poems on my links above, to contrast this with a situation where (a) the young person wants to move away but perhaps can't - or many are trying to today and (b) where there seems to be no hope for tomorrow.  Josie

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