Secondary School Poems

Mister B’s a stealthy shadow -

    An impression or a thought;

The one who steals across your mind

    At times when you’re distraught.


He’s an inner visualization -

    A glimpse inside your heart.

He’s a paranormal being

    Represented in your art.


His lifeless form looks outward

    At the natural world beyond.

He draws us to the world of his

    And asks us to respond.


He can be happy, can be lonely

    And at times he’s quite absurd.

He can flit across the human mind

    Exactly like a bird.


He brings comfort when you’re lonely -

    Peace to the inward soul.

He’s the one who understands you

    And whose cheerful words console.


He’s a projection of your worries,

    Of your feelings and your fear –

And yet, your day seems more at peace

     When Mister B is near.


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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Am I the only one who feels that we have an angel or spirit inside ourselves who is there to comfort us when we're sad, be with us when we suffer and who puts into words the things which worry us most in life?  Am I the only one who knows that our inner spirit recognizes the cheerful inner words: "Don't worry.  Think of the good things which have happened today" etc.  I've been as near to death as a human can be because of a streptococcal infection from a scratch to my left wrist by a rose thorn, and I believe that I was only spared and given back the use of my wrist and fingers so that I could type these poems for you.  My inner spirit certainly helped me through one of the worst things which I have had to cope with in my lifetime.  Josie