Story Poems 2

Mickledy-Me’s in a temper, I’m sorry to say.

He’s shouting at me and he won’t go away.

   “Look, I’ve been forgotten!  It’s really not fair.

    It just goes to show that nobody cares!”


“Nobody cares?  Just what do you mean?”

“I thought I was going to visit the Queen!”

     The Queen’s Garden Party soon will be here

     And he’s been forgotten it’s perfectly clear.


“Oh calm yourself down and don’t get upset.

Come with me to school.  Don’t sit here and fret.”

     The only big problem with Mickledy-Me

      Is he gets really angry as yet we may see.


The Queen’s invitation went to all of his friends:

“My party’s in June and I hope you’ll attend.


     He is hurt, he’s unhappy and he’s full of dismay.


The Queen will be sorry for what she has done!

He’ll go there, for certain and will join in the fun.

    Though no one will see him as he walks through the gate,

     They’ll know he’s arrived when he throws that first plate!


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By Josie Whitehead

The Woggaldy-Woo Mickl;edy-Me's Not Been Invited