When Mickledy-Me boarded Santa Claus’ sleigh,

There was snow all around and the sky was quite grey.

     But despite the cold weather and long night ahead

     Our invisible friend was warm, and well fed.


Santa’s elves had suggested a party, you see –

'For how nice,' they’d all said, 'to have Mickledy-Me.'

      What food at this party, do you think they might eat?

       Well, what things for you, are a nice, tasty treat?


Then at eight o’clock sharp Santa got up to go,

And they went to the reindeers out in the snow.

    On a sleigh that was packed with sacks full of toys

    They went up through the clouds without any noise.


The lights of the city shone far down below.

They came down on a roof all covered with snow.

     Their first port of call on this cold, snowy night

      Was somewhere quite quiet with no-one in sight.


From housetop to housetop they went on their way,

But then Mickledy-Me decided to play.

     He changed all the labels, and thought how much fun

     Would be caused when the presents were all soon undone.


What on earth do you think would be said by the boys,

When they found party dresses instead of their toys?

   When girls received boys' games - well, what did they think?

    Some wanted dresses in silver and pink.


Then what about Gran who’d been given men’s socks?

And Granddad who found some perfume in his box?

    Dad doesn’t want make-up, nor Mum a man’s watch

    And what good to a baby is a bottle of Scotch?


Well it’s lucky that Santa won’t be there to see

Just what has been done by that Mickledy-Me.

    But one thing’s for certain, of that I am clear,

    Our invisible friend won’t be helping next year.



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ByJosie Whitehead

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