By Josie Whitehead

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Poor Mickledy-Me:  The children for whom I wrote these poems laughed and laughed because I think Mickledy-Me often visits their homes and gets the blame - but don't you think Mum or Dad might not believe this story?  They will discover the truth, I feel sure.  Josie

Oh!  Mickledy-Me’s been here I see!

A glass has been broken, I’ve lost my key,

    The tap was left running; there’s jam on the floor

    And now I can’t open my cupboard door.


Well, everyone says it isn’t their fault

That the ketchup is missing and also the salt;

    That there’s milk on the tablecloth - cereal too!

    Oh - I’m stuck to my chair because of this glue!


Is it Mickledy-Me who has made all this mess?

Is it he who has ruined my very best dress?

     Ah – It’s Mickledy-Me who gets all the blame,

     And if you’ve done these things then I call it a shame!



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