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By Josie Whitehead

When feelings tell you things are wrong

    And your future seems unclear;

You’re the one who’s at your helm!

    There’s nothing you should fear.


Don’t worry, keep your level head.

     Don’t let things get you down.

Put on that smile, push cares aside –

    And ditch that gloomy frown.


Tomorrow is another day;

    Next week has yet to come

And often in those years ahead

    I think you'll feel less glum.


But I’d advise:  Make that change now

    And walk into the light . . . for

We sometimes only see what’s wrong

    When there so much that’s right.


If necessary ask for help:

    Folk love to give advice

And sharing problems helps a lot –

     Which perhaps is really nice!


There’s one thing – that’s for certain –

    We’ve all had fears, for sure –

But tomorrow, with that change in mind

    Step through a different door!



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