Reflective Poems

Discussion Poems for KS1 and KS2


By Josie Whitehead

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Open the door and please let us out

To run, to play, to jump and to shout.

    Turn off our computers and TVs as well

    And do let us wish our bedrooms farewell!


Let us run in the fields, climb up the trees,

Play in the streams, fly kites in the breeze.

     Let’s climb up the hillsides and clamber on rocks –

     Yes, we’ll return dirty with holes in our socks.


Let’s be explorers and then off we will roam

To that magical world that’s far from our home.

    Let’s sleep in our tents and let’s build a warm fire.

    Just some fun in the open is all we desire.




'The streets are so busy; it’s not safe any more.'

 We’re told not to wander too far from our door.

     'Be careful of strangers!  Now don’t stray away!'

      Oh!  The world that we long for seems so far away.



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Let Us Out - We're Children - Heading