Story Poems 3 Moon Steps

It’s hard to believe, but I’m told it is true,

That ten suns shone brightly in a sky of pure blue.

    An emperor looked up and then shook his wise head:

    “One sun would be better, I’m sure,” he then said.


An archer came forth and looked up at the sky.

“You’re perfectly right” he said with a sigh.

     “Where’s your bow and your arrows?” the emperor said.

     “Don’t stare at those suns; just leave one instead!"


Now a man, like this archer - a man hard to find -

Disposed of nine suns leaving just one behind.

     The skill that he’d shown, could not be ignored

     And the Goddess of Heaven gave a reward.


Payment he wanted for the skill he had shown,

But what went in his hand caused an almighty groan.

    “A pill?   What is this?  It is no use to me!

    I am perfectly fit as you surely must see.”


The Emperor then smiled:  “This is not JUST a pill -

It’s good payment for you for your excellent skill.

   Take this pill, but tell no-one, not even your wife,

   For, as payment, this pill will ensure endless life."

Immortality?  Hmmm - Well, that needs some thought

And this made the archer feel, well, somewhat fraught.

    But to whom should he turn, for help or advice?

    Immortality for humans might carry a price.


There was only one person to whom he could turn

And his wife listened well and quickly did learn

     Of the pill in his pocket.  She waited till night

     And whilst he was sleeping, crept out in delight.


“I’ll live on forever!  Old age?  Not for me!”

As she took out the pill, she cried out with glee.

    With one gulp it had gone.  She screamed with delight,

     And the joy in her heart spilt out on that night.


The price for her thieving?  Yes,  she learnt of this soon

For she quickly was banished to a life on the moon.

    She looks down to earth from her place far away,

     And her beauty is shown to us just on one day:


The Moon Festival comes but once in a year.

It’s a day of festivity, of parties and cheer.

     It’s then that this lady looks down from on high

    And her immortal beauty lights up the night sky.


The man in the moon, with kind thoughts in his head,

Blesses, with love, those couples who wed

    At the time of the Moonfest and, united in love,

    They're showered with blessings from the lady above.


Copyright on all my poems






By Josie Whitehead

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