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From leaf  buds they grow and slowly stretch forth

And they look at their world to the south and the north.

     Storing water and food, they are fresh and are green.

     After winter’s grey days, they’re great to be seen.


They are flat and they’re thin, and look up to the sun.

They’re food making factories when all’s said and done.

     When the winter is near, their work is complete

     For the tree’s full of food and feels quite replete.


As the tree won’t need food until springtime next year

The work of this foliage is finished, that’s clear!

     Their glossy green colour takes on a new hue

     And yellow and russets begin to show through.


Soon the tree is resplendent with magnificent shades,

But they soon start to fall in both gardens and glades;

     On pathways, in woodlands they come fluttering down

     And they dance on the breeze over village and town.


With our barrows and brooms they are soon cleared away,

And so that is the end of their splendid display.

     The world would be drab without leaves on our trees,

     So remember these facts when you next see them please.


Copyright on all my poems


*   The leaves perform three main functions such as manufacture of food, inter-change of gases between the atmosphere and the plant body and evaporation of water. It is the primary function of green leaves.  If the leaves are left to rot on your garden, their wonderful contents feed the soil and that in turn will feed next year's plants.




By Josie Whitehead

Leaves- Heading