Story Poems 2 Tree Poems

One beautiful morning on a bright summer’s day

Some children went out in their garden to play.

    A new plant was growing, but what could it be?

    'It’s too large for a flower.  Perhaps it’s a tree.'


The tree seemed to grow at a very fast rate.

By lunchtime its top was as high as the gate.

    Its leaves were all colours, not green like the rest.

    Of all trees in the garden, it surely was best.


The children next morning quite soon left their beds.

There was fruit on the tree now of yellow and red.

    'My goodness,' they said.  'What a wonderful treat!'

    So they each picked a fruit and then started to eat.


They soon began giggling then laughing a lot,

But why they were laughing, they really knew not.

    Said Father and Mother: 'Oh don’t be so daft.'

    Then they ate some fruit and everyone laughed.


They decided they’d give this new tree a good name

For nobody else had a tree quite the same.

    After thinking and talking they said: 'We agree,

    We really should call it the Laugh-a-Lot Tree.'


From the stone from the fruit, another tree grew.

In a very short time there were more than a few.

    Now think!  If we all had a Laugh-a-Lot tree,

    Well, how very happy our whole world would be!


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Children in my local school told me that they love poems with rhyme and rhythm and especially if they have good stories.  This is exactly the type of poetry I liked when I was a child and it was the popular poetry given to us by the classic children's writers.  So I styled my own writing on theirs and delighted the children in this school and now many more.  The Laugh-a-Lot tree obviously ticked many boxes because teachers and children in lots of schools right across West Yorkshire voted for it to be included with almost 400 others in five books which were published in 2010 by AMS Educational Publishers Ltd, Leeds.  I do hope  you like this poem also and can recommend my website to friends.  Josie