Reflective Poems

Did you ever hear a flower complain,

    From in its flower bed?

Do yellow daisies want to change

    Into some poppies red?


And does the field mouse in the field

    Complain that it is small -

And do giraffes show off with pride

    Because they’re very tall?


Do horses wish that they were lions?

    Do worms wish they were bees?

Perhaps the ants are jealous that

    They can’t jump high like fleas.


So we human beings should rejoice

    For how we look and speak,

For each and every one of us

     Had qualities unique.


The things which matter most of all

    Are not shown on our skin,

It’s not the language that we speak,

    But the heart that lies within.


How dull the world would seem to be

    If each flower were the same

And if we all looked much alike -

    Oh!  What a dreadful shame!


Now think of all the ones you love:

    They’re surely not the same.

Write down the things you really like

    Beneath each of their names.


Be thankful for our differences -

    The identity we hold.

It’s these which makes us valuable –

    More valuable than gold.


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By Josie Whitehead

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