Story Poems 2 Seasons/Weather

High up on a hill overlooking a plain

Is a land where the beautiful Ice Queen reigns.

    Far from the view of our human sight

    She looks at the stars through the black of night.


Far away in the distance the ocean waves roar -

They thunder and crash on her cold icy shores -

      But this magnificent lady reigns supreme

      In a castle that’s made from vanilla ice-cream.


The sun never shines on her icy domain,

Where she dines on oysters and drinks her champagne.

       A more beautiful queen you could never behold,

       And her best friend is Penguin, who is happy when cold.


She glides over the ice on her fine golden sleigh,

And waves to king penguins asleep by the bay.

      An albatross swoops and dives from the sky

      Observing the queen as she quietly slips by.


She imagines a world of warm summer sun -

Of family and friends; of parties and fun.

      “You can keep your old castle of vanilla ice cream.

       A small house and family - this is my dream!”


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By JosieWhitehead

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