I am the window on your world -


The eyes which permit you to see the beauty of the world;

The ears which allow you to hear the music of life;

The nose which inhales the aromas which delight;

The fingers which allow you to touch and discover;

The tongue which can transport you to the world of taste.


I am your inner spirit longing to show you how to live and love;

I am your soul, who is searching for eternity;

I am your body trying to cope with many changes;

I am your conscience, coping with rights and wrongs;

I am your heart – your life-giver - permitting you just to be you.


I am the window on your world -


          from which you look outwards...


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This is one of almost 400 poems chosen for publication by teachers right across West Yorkshire in 2010.  I hope you like it. I'm saying that we are amazing and complex beings, not just skin, bone, blood etc.  Our bodies are wonderful because with all our five senses we can receive so much information which is fed to our brains, but we also have an inner spirit in each of us which has to learn to live in our world and relate to other people.  Our bodies are changing all the time too both when we are young and growing and also when we get older, and we have to cope with the many changes.  I've just had to have an operation in which two bones were joined together in my ankle to make it stronger to walk on.  You children will have bones that are growing.  But you have a conscience too and have to learn what is right from what is wrong but the most important thing we all have is our heart because if this stopped working then we would surely die.  Talk about these things in your class.  Josie



By Josie Whitehead

I Am the Window . . - Heading