As soft as a feather that floats through the air.

As quiet as a whisper when I say a prayer.

    As cold as the wind that blows over the moor,

    And as loud as the sound of my husband’s snore.


As bright as the sunshine that burns down on me,

As hard as the trunk of that very large tree,

     As bad as the smell when I burn the toast

      And as delicious to taste as the foods I like most.


As soft as the babble of the trickling stream,

As frightening as the monster that came in a dream,

     As beautiful as the fairy that paints roses red

     And as comfortable and cosy as my own little bed.


As tasty as the fish that we had for our tea.

And as loud as the cry of a wailing banshee.

    Well this is the end of my sensational verse -

    Will your poem be better?  Or will it be worse?  


Copyright on all my poems

NOTE: You could put this poem on your classroom wall with lots of your own pictures around it to illustrate it.



"As loud as . . . " "As .............. as" -  This is known as a "simile".

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By Josie Whitehead