Illustrated by Nicole Geast

There was a strange man with his nose on his knee

And with his eyes on his toes, he just couldn’t see.

    And he couldn’t hear either – he’d ears on his chest -

    For how could he hear through a jumper and vest?


But this isn’t the end of this story you know

For he had an idea for the eyes on his toes,

    So by wearing some sandals, this way he could see,

    But had always to look up to you and to me.


The nose on his knee – well, he managed with that,

Though he found that his nose soon became very flat,

    For by saying his prayers, his nose became squashed,

    And under his trousers, it never got washed.


His problem, of course, is when he gets a cold,

Then blowing his nose is quite strange to behold.

    He rolls up his trousers and blows from his knee,

    And everyone laughs for it’s so funny to see.


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Oh isn't it wonderful that nature didn't design us with a nose on our knee and eyes on our toes.  Thank God for this.  Josie

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For KS1 and KS2 Children


By Josie Whitehead

His Nose on His Knee