Story Poems 2

At night when humans are asleep

   And curtains are closed tight,

The bookworm creeps along the shelf

    And eats alone at night.


He scours the leaves of poetry books

    For things he really likes.

He licks his lips at what he finds

    And then he starts to strike.


He munches sonnets by the score

    He chomps iambic feet.

As for children’s nursery rhymes,

    He finds that they’re too sweet.


Minibeasts?  Mmmm just the thing,

    But hippos?  Much too big!

There was the time he found a poem

    And then he ate the pig.


He thought about the pig a lot

   Before he did the deed.

Then grabbed it squealing from the page -

   Such was his bookworm greed.


He munches poems of fairyland,

    Loves dragons which breathe fire

And ghastly monsters, dinosaurs -

   All meet with his desire.


One character he hasn’t caught,

   The one he cannot see

The one who is invisible –

   Our good friend Mickledy-Me!




Copyright on all my poems


The children would murder me if I let the bookworm eat their favourite character.  Josie 



By Josie Whitehead

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