Story Poems 2 Granddad's Toupee

My granny’s parrot, Charlie,

    Often calls out naughty words.

Did Granny teach him what to say?

    Oh no!! That’s quite absurd!


Now if I called out such dreadful words,

    Then Gran would tell me flat

That children who are well brought up

    Would not say things like that.


Has Granny also learned these words?

    She has.  It must be true.

Not only does she know these words

    But Charlie’s learnt them too.


Gran thinks about these wicked words

    That never should be said,

And whilst telling me what I must say

    Teaches Charlie them instead.


So next time that she ever says

    I’m rude and quite uncouth,

It’s then that I will question her

    And ferret out the truth.


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By Josie Whitehead

Granny's Parrot - Heading

Where do poets get their ideas from?  My mother's friend, Mrs Jones, (many years ago) was left a parrot in her uncle's will.  Her uncle  had been a sailor and the parrot went everywhere with the sailors.  Unfortunately, the parrot had been taught to swear.  Mrs Jones became a councillor and developed a "posh accent" when she answered the phone, but imagine hearing this "posh" voice and the swearing of the parrot in the background.  hmmm  True story.  Josie