A farmer looked sad because he was poor.

    He’d been lazy and wasteful, you see.

“How can I get money without working hard?

    It’s a problem, I’m sure you’ll agree.”


“If only I knew how to make magic spells,

    I’d soon have us out of this mess!”

Then something occurred.  Oh what could it be?

    Well, look at the title and guess.


His faithful old goose had decided to help -

    And how?  Oh you surely have guessed!

A shock was in store for the farmer when he

    Saw what lay in her soft little nest.


“An egg made of gold?  Oh thank you,” he said,

    And his goose was so pleased to oblige.

The thought of the money he’d make from this egg

    Brought a look of relief to his eyes.


The very next day came another gold egg,

    And day after day there came more.

The farmer was rich without working at all -

    “Hard work is a bit of a bore.”


The goose was so happy.  She felt she was loved

    And could help to supply every need -

But her owner, the farmer and also his wife,

    Were consumed by a ravenous greed.


“Let’s kill the old goose and then open her up

    And we’ll take all the eggs from inside.”

With no thought of thanks, they killed their good friend

    And with speed they both opened her wide.


Of course there were no golden eggs in the goose,

    And the moral is perfectly plain:

If greed rules your life, you can always be sure

    That good fortune you never will gain.



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By Josie Whitehead

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(Adapted from an Aesop Fable)

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hmmm - We are told this but I've met many wealthy people who are greedy but I don't think that wealth goes with happiness but poverty doesn't bring happiness either.  Talking point for your class.  Josie