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We should thank God each day for the good gift of sight:

For the eyes that distinguish the day from the night.

    For the greenness of grass and the blueness of skies –

    These colours are brought to us by our two eyes.


The colours of spring, with pink blossom on trees;

The bright summer colours and the birds and the bees;

    The reds, golds and blues of our beautiful flowers

    Are brought to our senses by these eyes of ours.


The colours of autumn?  Oh don’t forget these:

The reds and the golds of the leaves on the trees;

    The whiteness of winter, the snowflakes that fall –

     Without our good vision, we’d see nothing at all.


Our eyes send out messages to others around

And eye-speak is quick, without any sound.

     We can tell by the eyes others’ anger or joy –

     And know very well when we’re good or annoy.


There are wonderful people who care for our eyes:

They’re there to assist us; they’re there to advise.

     They’ve studied for years and know what to do

     For their skills were developed for me and for you.


Without sight we’d live in a world dark and grey,

Quite bereft of the colours that brighten our day.

    Thanking God for our vision must surely be right

    For we’d feel quite deprived in a world without sight.



Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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