Reflective Poems Secondary Schools

When your heart is carrying a terrible weight:

Perhaps you’re upset or feeling irate,

    Perhaps you feel sad, or badly let down,

    Here’s something to do to get rid of that frown.


Is your mobile phone sitting there on the side

With your own special angel sitting inside?

     No, don’t dial a number and wait for a reply,

     Sit quietly and listen, and don’t cry or sigh .


You may hear a voice say, in the quietest way:

'I’m the angel on duty to help you today.

     So tell me your problems – I’ve plenty of time –

     But whatever you do, don’t tell them in rhyme.'


Well thinking of this might, perhaps, make you smile

For problems that rhyme might not be your style.

     So explain to your angel what’s causing your pain

     And don’t mince your words; make it perfectly plain.


What sort of advice would a good angel give?

One thing he would say would be: 'Try to forgive.'

      Blaming others is easy, forgiveness is hard,

      So cut loose from spite and a heart that is scarred.

He’ll say: 'Think of tomorrow, another new day.

And put all your grievances out of your way.'

     From all different faiths, angels all say the same:

     'Don’t harbour hurt, vengeance or blame.'


By showing forgiveness, you’ll show that you’re strong;

Maturity comes when you know right from wrong.

      The person who’s hurt you has lost a bad game

      And the pride on your face will put them to shame.


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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