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Just a note explaining why

     Your chocolate's disappeared.

You'll have your own suspicions

     And they'll be as you feared.


I saw them on the table

    When I came downstairs last night.

When I couldn't think what I could eat,

      Your chocolates came in sight.


I wanted just to look at them -

     To examine them for fun.

The smell of chocolate tempted me.

      I had to take just one.


The taste was so delicious

    That I took another one.

This led me on to several more.

     Oh please forgive me Mum.


In fact you should be pleased with me,

    For what I did was great.

Because the chocolates all have gone,

    You won't pile on the weight.


Copyright on all my poems

Illustrated by Nicole Geast

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FOR KS1 & KS2 Children


By Josie Whitehead