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I’ll take you to a fairy glade

    Within a wooded place.

Here, where a waterfall cascades,

    You may see a fairy face.


They dwell within an enchanted glen

    Surrounded by green trees,

With mossy rocks and water clear,

    And the lightest, sweetest breeze.


Promise that you’ll make no sound.

    Step carefully as you go.

There are limestone rocks and tiny caves

    Where limpid waters flow.


Wild garlic grows within these woods.

    Listen!  Fairy voices call.

The Queen of Fairies, Janet, lives

    In the cave behind the fall.


Sunshine strikes through leafy trees.

    See, there upon the moss,

The tiny creatures play and bathe

    In peace at Janet’s Foss.


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Story Poems 2 - Heading Mickledy-Me Goes to School Fairies of Janet's Foss - Heading

The title of this poem is not made up.  Janet's Foss exists as does the legend, and it is a truly magical place to visit, with the smell of wild garlic very prevalent in the spring. There is the sound of the little brook babbling over the stones and of the water bouncing over the waterfall.  I was asked to visit this place and record this poem for the programme "Countryfile" on the BBC on Sunday evenings, but, believe it or not, I was not able to go as there was such a huge snowfall the day before that it was impossible for myself or the film crew to get there.  What a pity!  Of course it was chosen for publication and appeared in my Josie's Poems "The Anthology" in 2010 (AMS Educational).  I hope you like it.  Josie