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Whilst tongues have lots of things to say,

     The eyes convey thoughts too.

They’ll quickly show when someone's pleased

     Or if they’re cross with you!




You’ll know when somebody is cross -

     Well, just look at those eyes -

So when you hear an angry voice,

     It won’t be a surprise.




All parents quickly recognize

     When clearly you have lied.

That look of shame, we all know well,

     You’ll never ever hide.




Your happiness is clear to see:

      Your smile comes shining through

And when you laugh - oh then your eyes

     Will always laugh with you!




So when you speak to other folk,

    Remember, if you’re wise,

To reinforce the words you say

    With a message from your eyes.


Copyright on all my poems


Follow up:  With a partner in your class try saying something and also conveying what you are saying with your eyes.  Does it work?


Now, today, watch others when they are speaking to you.  What body language are they using, especially the eyes?  Is it clear to see?  Josie

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